Blue five pieces Cast iron pot and frying pan service

One of the most important things to consider when choosing cooking utensils is that they won’t be harmful to the health of the family. The material of the cover, the material of the body and the materials used in its construction are of great importance. For example, the cast iron body, which is often used to make dishes, is the best conductor for heat transfer, helping to heat the entire surface of the dish evenly. Granite coating is one of the best types that can be found in the market, because the dishes with this coating have inherited the non-stick properties of Teflon and the high resistance of ceramics. The standardization of granite dishes is very important, Jasminora pot and frying pan services have a standard mark.This product includes two pots in sizes 22 and 18 and a frying pan in size 22 with a common unbreakable Pyrex lid for pots and pans.

Other details

one year replacement warranty

German Gribble granite coating