Light brown pieces Jasminora pan service

Iranian companies have started their activities in recent years in the production of kitchenware with non-stick coating of domestic production. The pan is made of aluminum and cast iron body, the inner surface of which is made of non-stick German Gribble granite That has no health implications for human health and this dish is about 10 times more resistant to scratches and heat, and the food burns later than usual. The above product has three pans in size 18 * 22 * 26 in cast iron and aluminum and size 22 * 26 * 30 in cast iron.

Other Details

Number of fabrics: 3 fabrics

Package Weight: 2920 g

Packaging Dimensions: 32 * 32 * 10 cm

Small pan 18 or 22 with a weight of 740 grams and a height of 7 cm

Medium size pan 22 or 26 and weighing 870 g and height 6 cm

Large pan with size 26 or 30 and weighing 1310 grams and height 8 cm