Maroon Granite stone model

There are several factors involved in preparing a meal, most importantly after the skill of the chef, the foodstuff and the proper cooking utensils. Cooking dishes are very diverse. nowadays, cooking utensils with granite coatings have overtaken other genres. These containers are similar to non-stick Teflon containers and are made to withstand scratches. Granite coatings are ten times harder than Teflon coatings and are much easier to clean and require less oil to bake. The granite pot service has an exterior silicone paint coating that has a heat-holding capacity of up to 400 degrees Celsius and the German granite interior coating is a product of the German Gribble factory. In the body of these containers special alloys have been used that are both healthier than aluminum and more robust and impact resistant.Jasminora pot service has 3 pots of sizes 30, 26 and 22 cm and a pan of 30 cm. The service door of the service is made of a combination of plastic and glass with a valve for steam removal.

Other Details

Material: German granite

Exterior Coating: Silicone

lid Material: Composition of plastic and glass