Midnight green twenty six pieces Jasminora Dinnerware service Hypnosis model

Dish can affect people’s appetite. Remember, beauty is not always a top priority. The high quality of a product should also be taken into consideration when selecting that product. Taking both elements of beauty and quality together can lead to an effective choice. This Dinnerware service is made of glass with a fixed color which is available in 2 thicknesses of 3 and 4 mm. The advantage of this service is the high resistance of these containers to the types of impacts that cause them to break down later than the porcelain or crystal containers. It also features high heat tolerance. They can be placed at high temperatures in the microwave oven without damaging the dishes. The service includes a wide variety of dishes that can be used to serve different types of food

Other Details

-Material: Pyrex
-Fixed color
-Total number of containers = 26 pieces
-Suitable for six people
-Includes platter, Dining Plates, Stewing Plates, plate, bowl
-Packaging Weight (g): 7720
-Packaging Dimensions (cm): 27 * 37 * 17
Two pieces
Dimensions 26 * 36 * 3 cm
Weight 560 g
Dining Plates
six pieces
Dimensions 25 * 25 * 3 cm
Weight 370 g
Stew plate
Dimensions 22 * 22 * 3 cm
Weight 320 grams
six pieces
Circle shape
six pieces
Dimensions 18 * 18 * 3 cm
Weight 200 grams
Dimensions 14 * 14 * 5 cm
six pieces