Purple aluminum pot 14 cm in diameter

Jasminora aluminum sheet pots with granite coating are high quality products. This model has high-quality handles that make it easy to carry and you won’t have to worry about burning and injuring your hands. The above product is made of aluminum and has granite coating. Granite is the healthiest coating that is non-sticky and highly resistant. When cooking in these non-stick pans, your food will no longer burn. The glass lid of this pot is made of unbreakable Pyrex, making it possible to see food during cooking without removing the lid. You may not think that the material of the pot is very important and you only care about its appearance, but it is better to know that the unhealthy coating of the pot, harmful substances and carcinogens enters your food and is very dangerous. By choosing the above product, you are comfortable both in terms of health and beauty.

Other Details

Jasminora aluminum pots 💜
1.8 thickness
High wall
In milky, cherry, purple and
Pencil tip color