Red Jasminora frying pan

If you are looking for healthy cooking or a special diet, you should use utensils to provide this. Containers that minimize oil consumption and maintain food quality. Jasminora size 30 pan with German Gribble Granite can provide your cooking with proper oil. The non-stick coating of this product is made of granite and is about ten times harder than Teflon coatings. Granite products also keep heat for a longer time and are also easier to clean. The granite coating used in this product is highly environmentally friendly due to the lack of lead and cadmium and no harmful chemicals and is suitable for cooking and avoiding digestive problems. The unique feature of this product is its high durability and resistance up to 350 ° C

Other details

1.8mm thick aluminum sheet with German Gribble granite coating

Package Weight (g): 670

Packaging Dimensions (cm): 30 * 30 * 10