seven pieces catering service Bahran model

When we say glass, clear and colorless matter comes to mind that its beauty is summed up in transparency and brilliance. But the collection of dishes you see here has broken this rule; the glass has matte colors that multiply their beauty. Keep the same image you have of glass; the same quality, the same cleanliness and the same beauty but keep in mind how beautiful a glass with this look will be. The service includes six plates, and a dish, all decorated with a flower-like design. The variety of colors of this service, along with the opacity of the glass, can be attractive to many of today’s tastes. This service is designed and manufactured by Jasminora.

other details

One large dish
And six plates
Can be used in microwaves, toaster ovens, dishwashers, heat shock tolerance, use of paints without toxic derivatives and lead carcinogens in a form fully approved by the United States and Europe
Export products to Middle Eastern and European countries such as Iraq, Romania

Catering dish with a weight of 590 grams and dimensions of 30 x 30 cm

The plate weighs 260 grams and measures 18 x 18 cm